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Mission & Vission


The vision of the college is to disseminate quality education to students including those who are underprivileged so that they may realise their potential and become responsible human beings in society.

Mission of the College:
The mission of the institution is to transform the vision of the college into reality by drawing action plans and working towards its fulfilment in a time-bound, robust and efficient manner as detailed below:
• To establish a congenial environment among the stakeholders of the institution with an aim to set a new benchmark in higher education;
• To provide the best in infrastructure and learning resources to students for quality education;
• To use modern teaching methods and technology to provide momentum to the teaching and learning process in the college;
• To extend social responsibility towards the local community in terms of education, health and environment in conformity with the principle upon which the foundation of the institution was laid;
• To promote academic excellence among students, taking the syllabus and the curriculum into consideration;
• To produce both Arts and Commerce graduates with attributes to face the demands of a competitive world;
• To draw out the latent talents and abilities of the students and to inculcate in them a passion for achievement;
• To help students develop skills of communication, self-study and self-analysis and help them realize their potential and caliber;
• To render academic and financial assistance to socially, economically and academically disadvantaged students;
• To guide students to cultivate moral and social values and help them grow as morally upright individuals, thereby preventing erosion of values and virtues in the society; and
• To arouse in students a sense of social commitment by exposing them to real-life situations, particularly in the backward and rural areas and to motivate them to render meaningful community welfare service.
• To strive to become an autonomous institution in the foreseeable future
• To fulfill the objectives of NEP 2020 in letter and spirit by 2030

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