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Rules and Regulations of the College

College rule and discipline

Emphasis is laid on discipline and character building and students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline in and outside the college campus.

The College Premise is a Mobile Free zone for students.Any student found using mobile inside College premises except the College Canteen will have to pay fine/punishment as decided by the authority.

The students admitted to the college must abide by all rules and regulations prescribed by the College Authority. Violation of rules may make students liable for disciplinary action like termination of scholarship, forced transfer and even expulsion from the College.

Pleasant and cordial atmosphere should be maintained during College hours.

Gossiping and loitering either in the verandahs or in the class rooms are strictly prohibited when classes or examinations are going on.

Intoxicants including panmasala, guthka, smoking and spitting in the class-rooms are strictly prohibited.

Postering or writing on the walls or blackboards of the college is strictly prohibited.

When there is no class, students are to develop a habit of reading newspapers, journals, magazines etc. in the reading room of the library.

Property of the college is the property of all. Damage of any property will lead to severe punishment.

Use of unfair means in the examination hall will be strictly dealt with and lead to severe action and punishment.

Irregularities, misbehavior, violence of any kind and disobedience towards the teachers or authority by any students are punishable.

Violation of rules and regulations and committing of any offence which will jeopardize the interest and smooth administration of the College, will lead to severe punishment and the Principal of the College has full power to impose it. The decision of the Principal in this respect is binding and final.

Regularity and punctuality in attending classes must be maintained.

Uniform with Logo is Compulsory for all students.

Climbing to the terrace(3rd floor) is strictly prohibited (without boundary).

Loitering in the Verandah is strictly restricted.

75% Class attendance is Mandatory to appear in any final Examination to be conducted by G.U. or A.H.S.E.C.

(ii) Undertaking by the parent/ legal guardian

The parents/ legal guardian of the student will have to give an undertaking in the prescribed form at the time of submission of form for admission in the college to the effect that his/her ward, if admitted, shall attend requisite number of classes, appear in each of the examinations of the college and maintain discipline and decorum of the college. A student violating these stipulations shall be liable for punishment even leading to the extent of forced transfer/expulsion from the college.

(iii) Students class attendance

The College takes Students’ class attendance into account for the purpose of allowing students for appearing at the Semester System, academic awards, election to the students’ union, and scholarships.

In every semester, each student is required to attend a minimum of 75% of the total lectures delivered in each subject to be eligible for appearing in the Council/University Examinations. Students with attendance below 75% will have to pay Non-collegiate fees.

If a student fails to attend classes for one month at a stretch from the date of commencement of classes his /her seat is liable to be forfeited.

Students who remain absent to represent college in NCC,NSS and extra curricular activities in University / State / National / International level meets and on medical grounds will have to compensate his / her loss through extra classes and sessional examination on the consent of respective teacher.

Students should in their own interest read all the notices displayed on the Notice Board from time to time and be fully aware of the information provided therein.

(iv) College uniform

College Uniform is compulsory for all students. No student is permitted to wear any dress other than the college uniform in the college premises.

Uniform will be supplied by the college authority after payment of necessary fees. Just after admission,measurement of dresses of newly admitted students will be taken in a separate room specified by the authority. For Boys’ colour of shoes and belt be BLACK and for Girls’shoes/slipper be BLACK.

(v) Identity card

The college authority issues an identity card at the time of admission to every student. This card is non-transferable. It contains vital information about the holder viz. name, Semester, class, roll no., combination of subject and a passport-size photograph duly attested and signed by the Principal. Every student is expected to carry the card with him/her at all times.

In every semester, each student is required to attend a minimum of 75% of the total lectures delivered in each subject to be eligible for appearing in the Council/University Examinations. Students with attendance below 75% will have to pay Non-collegiate fees.

(vii) Teacher- Guardian meet

The Teacher-Guardian meetings are held regularly in the College according to the convenience of the College authority.

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