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Courses of Study

The College offers the following courses of study:

Two year Higher Secondary Course in Arts and Commerce under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.

Three years Degree course in Semester System for Arts and Commerce under Gauhati University.

Subjects Offered in Higher Secondary (Arts) :

Compulsory Subjects:

Group A:(i) General English and (ii) MIL (Assamese/Bengali/Hindi) or Alternative English.

Elective Subjects:

Group B:(i) Economics, (ii) Political Science.

Group C:(i) Education, (ii) Advance Assamese, (iii) Advance Bengali, (iv) Advance Hindi, (v) Computer Science & Application.

Group D:(i) History, (ii) Mathematics.

Combination of Subjects:

i.Students have to take three elective subjects from Groups B, C, and D.

ii.They can choose both subjects from Group B, and one subject from either Group C or Group D.

iii. One additional elective subject may be selected from Groups B,C, and D. Two final examinations will be held at the end of each academic year.

Subjects Offered in Higher Secondary (Commerce) :

Compulsory Subjects:

Group A:(i) General English and (ii) MIL (Assamese/Bengali/Hindi) or Alternative English.

Compulsory Elective Subjects:

Group B:(i) Accountancy and (ii) Business Studies

Optional Elective Subjects (any two):

Group C:(i) Economics, (ii) Commercial Mathematics &Statistics (CMS), (iii) Banking, (iv) Mathematics, (v) Computer Science & Application.

The decision of the College Authority regarding all admissions is final. The College authority reserves the right to refuse admission to any one without citing any reason.

Subjects offered in Semester Course (Arts) : ( As per GU Regulation)

General English

MIL (Assamese/Bengali/Hindi) / Alternative English.

Elective Assamese, Elective Bengali, Elective English, Elective Hindi.

Political Science, Mathematics, Economics, Education, History, Computer Application, Performing Arts(sattriya dance)

Points to be noted:

In case of MIL/Alt Eng., Students with Language Major will take a subject / language other than the one in which He/She is majoring e.g. an English Major Students can opt for another language course or take another subject similarly a Hindi Major Student may take another subject or Alt English or another language.

Students with English Major, with referance to English I & English II in the 1st and 2nd Semester(1st yr), will take an English paper different from the one taken by students of other subjects.

A Student taking major, cannot take Computer Science and application(Vocational) as a subject.

Subjects offered in Semester Course (Commerce) : (As per GU Regulation)

1st Semester
1.1 Business Mathematis
Fundamentals of Insurance

Core Papers
1.2Financial Accounting-1
1.3Business Organization & Entrepreneurship Development
1.4Indian Financial System

Specialised Paper
1.5 Cost Accounting (Accy)
1.5 Human Resource Management-I Rural & Micro Finance (Fin)
1.5 Introduction to E-Commerce

Note:- Change of Subjects: A student is allowed to make a change in combination of subjects, subject to availibility of seats. Such change of subjects will be allowed within 30 days from the date of commencement of classes. Only one change is permissible for the particilar course of study.

Note:- Meritorious and deserving candidates can opt for Major course.

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