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The college has an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), since 2005. It monitors the overall quality aspects of the college. The IQAC takes incentives in conducting quality related activities, to benefit the students, teachers, stakeholders and community as a whole. The IQAC also ensures co-ordination and improvement in the functioning of the institution and enhances quality in the sphere of higher education.

The NAAC peer team visited the college in 2015 for second cycle and accredited with B Grade (CGPA-2.68).

IQAC Composition

Chairperson Dr. Pranjit Kumar Nath,Principal
Coordinator Rupam Hazarika, Asst Prof., Dept of English
Member from the Management Prof. Padmini Bhuyan Boruah, V.C's Nominee to GB
Members from Administration Ms. Chinmoyee Talukdar, DDHE, Govt. of Assam
Teacher Members Dr. Dipak Pathak, Vice-Principal
Dipak Chakraborty, Asst Prof., Dept of Accountancy
Sanjay Kr. Saikia, Asso. Prof., Dept. of Economics
Dr. Malabika Sarma, Asso Prof., Dept of Hindi
Sarmistha Das, Asso Prof., Dept of English
Dr.Dipankar Talukdar, Asst Prof., Dept of Education
Dr. Manoj Kr. Das, Asst Prof. Dept of Assamese
Nominee from: (a) Students: President, RGBC Students' Union
(b) Alumni: Dr. Lakhi Hazarika, Associate Professor, Dept of Assamese Handique Girls' College, Guwahati
(c) Local Society: Dr. Deba Prasad Mishra, Retd HOD, Dept of English, Bajali College
(d) Stakeholders: Ajit Talukdar, Librarian
Harekrishna Barman, Senior Assistant
(e) Industrialists: Ratan Kr. Agarwala Gopal Jalan

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