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DVV Documents

Proof of Progression

5.3.1. Attendance Sheet

5.1.3. List of Students

5.1.3 Report of Career Counseling Programme

5.1.3. Circulars of Career Counselling Programme

7.1.3. Action Taken Report on Green Campus

6.5.2. Proceedings of IQAC

Report of Capacity Development Progamme

Sample Photographs of Fieldtrips

Brochures of Capacity Development Programme

2.1.2 Final Admission List

6.3.3. Year Wise Teachers' Participation in FDP

6.3.3 FDP Report

3.4.3 NCC Extension activities

3.4.3 NSS Extension Activities

6.3.3 List of Non Teaching Staff

1.3.2 Project Completion Certificate

1.2.1 Model certificates of add on courses

1.2.1 Attendance of students in add on courses

Curriculum of Addon courses

List of Students in Addon courses

Certificates of Addon

Signature of Students

5.2.2 NET/SLET Certificates

5.3.1 E copy of certificates of prize winners

6.2.2 Bill for E-Governance Implementation

6.2.2 ERP Documents

7.1.2 Rain Water Harvesting

2.2 Approval letters

2.1 List of appointment letters

6.2.2 Audited Statement of E-Governance

5.3.2 List of sports events conducted

5.3.1 List of prize winners in sports/cultural activities

5.2.2 List of NET/SLET qualified students

5.2.1 List of students progression

5.2.1 List of students placed

3.5.1 Summary list of MoUs (last 5 years)

3.4.3 Report of Extension and Outreach Activities

2.4.1 Sanction letters indicating posts

2.1 List of year-wise full time teachers (last 5 years)

2.1 List of year-wise total full time teachers in block five years (without repeat count)

3.1 Audited expenditure statement excluding salary component

4.1.2 Audited expenditure statement of infrastructure development

4.4.1 Audited expenditure statement of repair and maintenance

1.3.2 List of students undertaking project work

2.4.2 List of faculty with Ph.D, NET/SLET (Session-wise)

1.1 Year wise list of students approved by Gauhati University

6.2.2 Screenshots of e-governance modules

6.2.2 Expenditure incurred on e-governance

6.2.2 Annual e-governance report (last 5 years)

6.5.2 Academic Audit Report

6.5.2 Action Taken Report on Feedback Analysis

5.1.4 Minutes of meetings relating to grievance redressal

5.1.4 Institutional policy document on grievances redressal

5.1.4 Annual report of students grievances redressal

5.1.4 Awareness and undertakings

5.1.4 Proof of constitution of statutory committees

5.1.4 Institutional policy document on grievances redressal

4.3.2 Bills of purchase of computers

4.3.2 Stock Register indicating purchase of computers for students use

1.1 Admission approval document received from Gauhati University

2.1.1 Sanction of intake from Gauhati University

2.2.1 List of full-time teachers during 2022-23 (latest completed year)

7.1.2 Circulars for implementation of Green Initiatives

7.1.2 Green Campus

7.1.2 Policy document on Green Campus

7.1.3 Energy use certificate

7.1.3 Environmental Promotion Activities Beyond Campus

7.1.3 Green Audit Report

3.2.2 Report of Workshops, Seminars in the last 5 years

2.1.2 State govt. notification for reservation of seats

2.1.1 Approved admission list from Gauahti University

1.4.1 Document of communication with Gauhati University about feedback

1.4.1 Action Taken Report on Feedback Analysis

1.4.1 Sample Feedback Forms of Stakeholders

2.6.3 Gauhati University Final Year Result Sheet

2.6.3 Gauhati University Controller of Examination Certificate

3.1.1 ICSSR MRP Sanctioned Letter

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