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(i) The College Magazine

The College Magazine is the medium for developing literary and other potentialities of the students. It publishes articles and creative write ups contributed by students and teachers in Assamese, Bengali, English and Hindi, and reviews of educational, cultural, social and sports activities of the College. The Magazine is published by a student editor under the guidance and supervision of an Editorial Board comprising teachers.

(ii) Radha Govinda Baruah College News Letter

A Newsletter is published annualy by the College covering news of the various activities of the institution.

(iii) Wall magazines

Surjyamukhi:Wall magazine of Assamese Department

Nabankur:Wall magazine of Bengali Department

Graffiti:Wall magazine of English Department

Jnanam: Wall magazine of Education Department

Oekonomous:Wall magazine of Economics Department

Mahak:Wall magazine of Hindi Department

The Ellipse:Wall magazine of Mathematics Department

Pratiti:Wall magazine of Political Science Department

Apora:Wall magazine of Women Studies Cell

Terabyte:Wall magazine of Computer Science Department

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